HIPPY Staff - Coordinator & Home Visitors

Each HIPPY program is supervised by a professional coordinator whose primary responsibilities are recruiting parents, hiring and training home visitors, organizing parent group meetings, and developing enrichment activities. The coordinator and the home visitors meet weekly to role play the materials, to discuss the previous week's activities, and to share experiences and problems. Sometimes problems arise that the coordinator may handle by making a home visit, or by referring a parent to an appropriate social service agency.

The HIPPY program is delivered by home visitors who are members of the participating communities and are also parents in the program. They visit participating parents in their homes biweekly to instruct them in using the HIPPY educational materials. Home visitors are crucial to the HIPPY model. Their knowledge of their unique communities allows them to develop trusting relationships with the families and, by using the HIPPY materials with their own children, home visitors identify with the kinds of challenges parents face.

For more information please email info@hippyusa.org or call 501-537-7726.