“I was a HIPPY mom.  I went back to school, earned a degree, and launched my career in home visiting and early childhood education.

Jewel, with son Leroy Butler,  

HIPPY Alumni

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.  We are proud when we see our youngsters walk across a stage as they graduate from their HIPPY program.

It further heartens us when our former, now adult,  HIPPY participants tell their stories of what HIPPY meant to them and the meaningful impact that we made on their lives. 


If you are a HIPPY Alumnus, call, email, Facebook, Instagram or Tweet us.  We want to hear from you. Keep you current about us.  Stay updated with you.  And if you have a young one taking part in HIPPY USA, we want to know. 

HIPPY changed my life, my mom's life, my family-everything.  I don’t know where I’d be without HIPPY.

HIPPY Alumnus  and Board of Trustee Member 

Leroy Butler

 I truly feel that the HIPPY program was the fundamental building block of my educational experience. 

Erika McMahan

Erika is a HIPPY graduate and credits her experiences with HIPPY for inspiring her to pursue a career as an education and assistant school principal. Erika leads a school for young learners in a poverty-stricken rural community. She also recognizes for her passion to educate vulnerable children.