The HIPPY USA Preservice Training provides new HIPPY Coordinators & Assistant Coordinators with the skills they need to grow healthy and effective programs. To accomplish this goal during the COVID-19 public health crisis we have redesigned the training program’s delivery model.

Please Note: All HIPPY Coordinators and HIPPY Assistant Coordinators must complete the HIPPY USA Preservice Training to satisfy Administrative Standard 6 described with the HIPPY USA Model, Guidance, & Accreditation (MGA) manual.

Introducing HIPPY USA Virtual Preservice Training
Virtual Preservice Training incorporates a blended-learning approach to support virtual, online content delivery, and collaboration. Participants in the Virtual Preservice Training will navigate through each topic using an online learning management system platform that offers three distinct levels of engagement.

Upon registration, participants will be assigned to a cohort and given access to individual course modules for the Virtual Preservice Training. Each module provides details relating to the schedule and amount of time required to complete activities, due dates, points of contact, and so on. A significant advantage in this approach is that people who register for the Virtual Preservice Training can complete the individual courses over an extended period of time. The traditional in-person Preservice Training takes five days to finish.

Class Schedule
Begin Date: July 1, 2020
End Date: July 31, 2020

Participants will receive a detailed class schedule on the first day of class.
Levels of Engagement Delivery
Level 1: Participants review narrated presentations at their own pace.
Level 2: Participants engage in performance-based learning experiences. These meaningful learning activities enable them to develop their skills through practice, reflection, and collaborative dialogues.

In addition to the modules, online forums enable participants to discuss topics, review ideas, ask questions, and submit completed assignments. For example, after reviewing the group meeting presentation, a participant may apply their knowledge by creating and uploading a detailed group meeting activity relevant to their HIPPY community. The assignment may also involve discussing their

idea with colleagues online, reviewing concepts and asking questions about other submissions, or using a variety of unique online collaboration mechanisms to gain real-world, practical experiences in a safe learning environment.
Level 3: Participants attend an online webinar session led by HIPPY USA trainers and staff. These collaborative enrichment sessions provide an opportunity for people to discuss their assignments, submissions, experiences, and critical content takeaways. At this point, participants will have had a chance to work through the material and can ask targeted questions to gain the clarity needed to maximize their operational effectiveness.

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