Texas Department of Protection and Early Intervention’s (PEI) and Impact of Home Visiting

Positive influences during early childhood—especially attentive, supportive, and stimulating relationships with parents or caretakers—can strengthen brain development and promote positive long-term outcomes in learning, behavior, and health.1 Home visiting (HV) is a well-established, evidence-based approach to promoting these positive relationships.2 As the

most prominent strategy for preventing child maltreatment, HV programs will be an integral part of a community-focused twenty-first-century child welfare system.a HV programs provide expectant parents and parents of young children with in-home parenting support, information, and connections to additional services. Texas currently offers multiple evidence-based HV programs (e.g., Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters, Nurse-Family Partnership, Parents as Teachers, Healthy Families America) that serve approximately 16,000 families annually. More

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